Weatherproof Outdoor TVs You Will ♥

Idealistic. Smart. Fun. Fabulous. Yes, words I use to describe the latest and greatest in weatherproof outdoor TVs you will love! Just because a television is a weatherproof outdoor tv doesn’t make it the best, let me share some insight to help you choose the right outdoor tv! Patio in need of a Weatherproof Smart Outdoor TV

Weatherproof Smart Outdoor TV 

Call me jaded, or just into getting the most bang for my buck, living a luxury lifestyle still needs to be met with multiple options! So, don’t settle for any less than a weatherproof smart outdoor tv. 

Why is a weatherproof smart outdoor tv so smart? 

Consider what you purchase before you buy it. You want to increase your living space and you are headed outdoors to do such.  When you increase your outdoor living space, you will hopefully spend more time in that area. Pation outdoors covered with Weatherproof Smart Outdoor TV

However, that is up for conjecture as the increased outdoor living space is only as good as its amenities. Sure there are those that just love the tranquillity of the outdoors but, truth be told, at some point you will get sick of counting bugs, and airplanes and you need to add a little something to that space to entice and bring everyone in. 

A weatherproof smart outdoor tv is smart because it gives you plenty of options. Stream your favorite movies, shows, and of course all your favorite streaming options from HULU to Amazon, and remember there’s music at your fingertips too, from Pandora, Spotify, and more. 

So, you have movies, as well as music, creating a very smart outdoor ambiance no matter the occasion or time of day!

Weatherproof Smart Outdoor TV – A reason for Every season

Weatherproof Smart Outdoor TV patio in need of tv

Whether you are outside trimming the trees, hosting Fall bonfires, cooking summer meals, hosting parties or gatherings, or even enjoying Winter Solisce a weatherproof smart outdoor tv is there for you through every season for every reason! 

Imagine decorating for the holidays outdoors and watching your favorite holiday shows, does it get any merrier than that? What about a summer party around a bonfire while watching ‘A Weekend at Bernie’s or ‘Point Break‘, Independence Day‘ you get the idea, totally nostalgic and memorable! 

Find a list of great summer movies here. 

Stuff You Need To Know About a Weatherproof Smart Outdoor TV 

First, seek out high quality at affordable pricing televisions. Yes, there is such a weatherproof smart outdoor tv, remember, however, not all brands of weatherproof smart outdoor tv options are equal, choose wisely! 

Second, if you choose the best weatherproof smart outdoor tv, you will find that these are 50% brighter than an indoor television and they perform well even in shaded areas. Your picture will be phenomenal, creating an overall awesome outdoor tv experience! 

Bonus Points for the Weatherproof Smart Outdoor TV Brand that Offers these features! 

faux Weatherproof Smart Outdoor TVYou’ll love the weatherproof smart outdoor tv brand I’ve found because it is both Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatible. So, in other words, it can be paired with either, and you can use your voice to control the weatherproof smart outdoor tv. Kid-friendly right? This then translates to no need to use a remote, just use your voice! 

Also, you can control the #1 Weatherproof smart outdoor tv with your smartphone. So for those that don’t want to fumble for a controller, or use their voice, I am sure your phone is always with you, use that! 

How Does the Weatherproof Smart Outdoor TV Sound? 

Pool with Weatherproof Smart Outdoor TV

Well, the TVs from this brand offer 20w internal speakers! Do you need a bigger sound? Then just upgrade to 40W or 150W via a speaker bar! Oh and in case I forgot to mention this, the #1 weatherproof smart outdoor tv manufacturer also offers their own ‘proprietary outdoor speaker bars!’ 

No need to shop around and find one, because these are actually marine-grade speakers and blows away any other brand out there. Stop shopping and get ordering! 

The Smartest Part of a Weatherproof Smart Outdoor TV is…

To me, the idea of having a permanent outdoor installed all-weather television is that it’s there when you want, and that’s pretty much as ‘on-demand as you can have it! You won’t be taking this in and out, you will install and it and not worry about it! 

It’s fully sealed so that means it is safe and protected from ice, snow, rain, salt, dust, dirt, nasty insects, humidity, and whatever else Mother Nature feels the need to toss at us, including cicadas, lol! Extreme climates, don’t bother these TVs either, no matter how drastic.  

I should mention that the weatherproof smart outdoor TVs from these manufacturers are all crafted from a rustproof powder aluminon body plus stainless hardware. Let’s just call this outdoor smart tv, ‘Fort Knox!” 

The Garanimals of Weatherproof Smart Outdoor TVs: 

If you don’t know what a Garanimal is, look it up! For those that like to match your surroundings, so things blend, the bliss of a weatherproof smart outdoor tv will tickle your color fancy. 

Choose a color from several offered designer colors. Match it, or define the look with a starkly contrasting color, and love the look! 

Proudly Made In The USA – Weatherproof Smart Outdoor TV

Since I am not being paid, nor sponsored, I’ll just tell you to click here to find out what brand I am bragging about. They are the crème de la crème for weatherproof smart outdoor tvs! ~ Dana XO