8 Money Saving Tips For Cruising

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You and your family have committed to a cruise, but do you know that there are ways to save money when cruising? Don’t just book a cruise, learn about booking, and ways to save money. In fact, saving money ahead of time will provide you a great opportunity to spend a bit more at the ports of call.

Did you know that most people that cruise one time will cruise again? That’s true because cruising is kind of addictive.  The downside to cruising is that it can be quite expensive unless you have the 8 money saving tips for cruising I am about to share with you. Lavishly live cruising out loud, and use my 8 money saving tips for cruising to help you keep the expenses under control.

8 Money Saving Tips For Cruising

Let’s face it, taking a cruise isn’t cheap. But, at the same time, there are several ways to make it affordable for almost every budget. Keep reading, to learn more about these eight money-saving tips for cruising like a pro. It’s probably easier than you think! I have to tell you I use these everytime we cruise.

Cruise Closer to Home

With cruise ports located all along the U.S. coastline, it’s relatively easy to cruise closer to home. The main benefit of choosing a somewhat neighboring port is that it eliminates the costly expense of airfare. In addition to airfare, if you book closer to your home you might not have to arrive the day before and pay for a hotel. Most don’t realize that to be at the port on time you have to get there the night ahead, and this is an added expense you might now have counted on.  Then you will also need transportation to the cruise ship, all adding more and more dollars onto your final bill.

Book Early

Many first-time cruisers are of the belief that booking a “last-minute” trip saves the most money. Yes, these flash sales are great. But, it doesn’t always mean that you’re getting the deepest discount. Not only does booking 18 to 24 months out typically give you more time to pay off your journey, it also raises the chance of free upgrades and complimentary amenities.  Bargains are not what they seem and remember the ships are not all-inclusive unless you are buying add-ons like alcohol and soda packages.

Be Date Flexible

Not everyone can be flexible with travel dates. However, when it comes to planning a cruise, flexibility is sometimes your best friend. For example, cruise lines raise their prices on sailings that take place during summer vacation and major holidays. Why? That’s when most families book cruises. So, booking outside of these times generally saves you money.

Understand What’s Included

It’s extremely important to understand what is and is not included in your cruise package price. When you don’t, it’s highly likely that you’re going to end up paying extra for things you assumed were already covered. Alcohol and soda are often not covered, nor are babysitting services.  Club times vary so learn what to expect ahead.

Ask for Perks

Don’t be afraid to ask about perks when you book a cruise. Many times these extras are available to you… but only if and when you ask.

Manage Your Own Shore Excursions

Booking a shore excursion, while onboard your ship, automatically means you’re going to pay a premium price. It isn’t all that difficult to manage your own shore excursions, simply by researching all of your options before your trip. Paying for excursions, directly to the vendor, will always be less expensive. I would never book an excursion on a cruise ship, and while I am booking at my own risk, I will tell you we have saved thousands of dollars by researching and learning who to use. I don’t care what a cruise ship tells you, your own booked excursion gives you more bang for your buck, but buyer beware of who YOU hire. While all I can do is tell you this is what we do, my method is not for everyone but we don’t just use anyone we find reputable vendors that cruise brands over look!

Go with a Group

Almost every major cruise line offers discounted group rate prices for groups of at least 16 travelers. Even better, if you take the initiative and responsibility to be the “group planner,” nine times out of 10, your stateroom is free.

Book Onboard

Booking a future cruise, while onboard your current one, is a fantastic way to save money. Each cruise line is different. However, some of the perks you can expect are extra onboard credit, reduced deposits and fare discounts.

Obviously, these aren’t the only options, when it comes to money-saving tips for cruising. But, this information should provide you with a great place to start. Remember, the more time you invest in planning, the more money you typically save.

Cruises are probably the best type of vacation we have ever experienced because there is something for everyone, and you just have a blast from beginning to end.  Use the 8 Money Saving Tips For Cruising and lavishly live cruising out loud.