Carnival and Pizzeria Del Capitano

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accommodations provided. Stories & images are my own.

We were aboard the Carnival Sunshine and one place we all could agree upon daily, nightly was the Pizzeria Del Capitano.  The Pizzeria Del Capitano is located in the back of the Lido Deck Marketplace, where you find all the buffet foods, but it is it’s own location, trust me, you can’t miss it.  The pizza here is included in your all-you-can-eat, there are no extra charges and it is delicious, based on my own personal testimony as well as my family! From mid-day snacks(after shore excursions) to late night snacking we all loved grabbing a slice or three of pizza from the hearth-stone ovens! My youngest as you know has so many food allergies but none of the ingredients he could not have were present in the pizza so he did Manga Bene(eat well) with Pizzeria Del Capitano.  Here’s our fun and lavish living story on theCarnival Sunshine about our meet-up at the Pizzeria Del Capitano. Dining with food allergies is possible aboard the Carnival Sunshine.

Carnival Pizzeria Del Capitano

There was never a time that it was not pizza time, except during the early morning buffet. What makes this pizza so extraordinary? Perhaps it is the pieces, no slash that, CHUNKS of mozzarella that are placed on each quarter of the pizza, maybe it the great blend of cheeses used on the Four Cheese Pizza, or the Mushroom Pizza.  One thing is certain, there is always a small line, and the wafting scent of oven-baked pizza trailing from the Lido Deck through the Marketplace where you will find slices of pizza pie waiting for you.  Don’t expect traditional fat-crusted pizza, this thin, hearth-baked pizza that goes in and comes out crispy, and delicious, sometimes a bit charred and other times not so much(can you tell we were there lots?).

Pizzeria Del Capitano

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What I really liked about Pizzeria Del Capitano was the fact that you told them how much you wanted on your plate, and if you wanted the whole pie, they gave it to you. The Whole Pie was the equivalent of  a dinner plate, just a tinge bigger, and it was plenty for 2 adults or 3 kids to share!  There was always a variety waiting for you and the bonus was that if you did not want the pepperoni piece, there was a cheese piece ready to follow. Your choices were Margherita(cheese and tomato no sauce), Funghi(Mushroom), Pepperoni, Quattro Formaggi(four cheese) and Prosciutto each with a delicious taste and each  available all the time! We had one of every kind just to make sure they were all equally delicious!

Excursions and Dining With Food Allergies

Often as we would take shore excursions and visit the ports of call by day, we would return famished. We could not feed our son at the ports of call so we did not eat either, keeping it easy on all of us.  His food allergies are too hard to manage when not carefully prepared, so we opted to just hold those hunger pangs until we reached the ship, where we knew he could eat safely.  We did not even get off the Gangway and the kids were headed up to the LIDO Deck Marketplace, in the back, where they bypassed all the other foods, and marched straight to Pizzeria Del Capitano and got their pizza.  It was perfect because the pieces are thin, not thick, they are not over filling and one piece is plenty to satisfy your hunger until it was time for dinner. My son knew he could eat at the Pizzeria Del Capitano so he got himself a plate and dug in!

If you really wanted a bit more of a treat, next to Pizzeria Del Capitano you find the PYOB(Pour Your Own Beer) Station.  Here you basically swiped your room card, it charged you for your beer, and you tipped your glass 3/4 to get it to fill properly without a head and then continued to the end. It was amazing, simple and very busy! I will discuss this more in my next discussion about Carnival Cruising.

I actually felt bad for the guys making the pizza, as the line was relentless and from the time they opened until the time they closed, pizza moved across the counter, it was pizza pie madness! Make sure your Head Waiter and the Chef know your food allergies, inquire as to where you can eat and dig in if you can to the Pizzeria Del Capitano, the perfect option for any hour of the day! Lavishly live cruising, shore excursions and quick bites on Carnivalas you dine at the Pizzeria Del Capitano.