Cruising With Carnival

The cold has hit the East hard and it is time to pack up and head somewhere warm, but where do you want to go?  Sometimes pinning just one destination down is not that easy, but considering a few options is always great.  This year as we began tossing around ideas of where to travel to as a family, a real reason to celebrate dawned us: my daughter is graduating this year so it is time to travel, cruise, and grab some fun in the sun,along the Western Caribe.  We have traveled with Carnival before and we are ready to travel with them again, as we found them to be a most fun cruise ship, what will our kids have to say? Lavishly live travel out loud, as we did finding a cruise that will suit every person in your family and celebrate all those moments making memories as you embark upon adventure in the high seas. It’s time to go Cruising with Carnival for Graduation, and let the party begin!

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Cruising with  Carnival for a Grad Gift

I know for a fact, our time together is so very precious as a family so our choice to take a cruise was one that we really debated for a while and then said yes it is right for our family.  We all get to be together, yet we all will have fun things to enjoy.  Our daughter is headed off to college next year, so rather than throw a hefty party we are going to throw a great graduation gift at her, one that has anchors, and tons of party of on it… a Carnival Cruise.  I do believe this is just what every grad needs a great place to celebrate all their accomplishments to date and where better to celebrate than on Carnival.

My kids can’t wait to hang out at the pool, play in the slides, and eat the ice cream at the ice cream machines, but they don’t even know what to expect. Long ago my husband an I learned that you don’t need a lot of time at the pool in order to get a tan in fact we got so sunburned I swore I would spend more than 1/2 hour at a time by the pool.  The sun is so much stronger, so we will keep our time on the Lido Deck to munching, drinking and passing through, while we stroll the deck to see the ocean and all of the fun that happens there! We will gladly take part in anything the Cruise Director has going on from participating to just clapping along and lending inspiration to those that are taking part!

Ports of Call

Ports of call are their own adventure and will offer not only cultural variety but a bit of an education for the kids.  It is a great way to visit the different countries and islands to see if we would want to vacation there on a larger scale as well.  In addition, you will get to see snippets of the islands for a short period of time, just enough to enjoy them!

Mom & Dad Time

I know that the Carnival Clubs will be great for the kids to hang out in with their friends and will also allow my husband and I the time to sneak away to those fun comedy shows as well as Broadway-like shows.  The kids think of this more as a time that they are ‘getting away’ from mom and dad, but however you look at it, everyone is sure to have fun.


What no other trip can do is to provide continuous fun whether in travel or at port. Here, on a Carnival Cruise, no matter if you are traveling or parked in port you can have fun.  See, the difference of traveling by car is togetherness, but by ship it is variety as you can stop, and see things together and then get back on the ship and enjoy more great times.  In a car, you are together and have to drive   yourself there, here, someone else is driving and that takes the stress off!

We also love that you can enjoy your party and never worry about getting behind the wheel of a car, because you are parked to your cabin, in  your ship, there is no driving! The party never has to stop, not for the entire length of the cruise and that is absolutely priceless!

Come on along as we  Cruise Carnival and head off to the Western Caribbean for fun in the sun, are you ready to lavishly live travel out loud? Let’s go Cruising Carnival!