Food Allergies The Lido Marketplace and Carnival

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Lodging was provided. Story and Images are my own.

Having food allergies makes traveling a virtual nightmare, or at least it can be if you are not prepared ahead of time.  As you have been reading along on all my posts about Carnival and dining with food allergies, you have probably noticed that you can in fact dine on the fun ship with food allergies. The ticket to dining with food allergies on the Lido Marketplace on Carnival is communication.  Food Allergies The Lido Marketplace and Carnival can be handled easily if you have planned ahead of time.  We spent plenty of time on the Lido Deck in the Lido Marketplace on Carnival and our son who suffers from severe food allergies enjoyed all the different tastes just like anyone else. This is my story of Food Allergies The Lido Marketplace and Carnival as I lavishly live travel out loud and share my adventures with you.

Why is it so different to dine on the  in the Lido Marketplace on Carnival?  If you have food allergies you are entering the world of possible Cross Contamination.  You might wonder how our son fared when dining in the Lido Marketplace with all of his food allergies, and I can tell you it was a navigable breeze! What you have to understand about dining with food allergies is first you have to find out what you can have, and where you can eat, and once you learn that, you begin to find out who can help you with what.

Food Allergies The Lido Marketplace and Carnival

This works the same way on Carnival.  The initial boarding process and food setup until dinner made it a bit more challenging, but once we got passed the first few hours on the ship, and made our way to the main dining room, the staff was waiting to meet, greet and work with us.

From dinner on, my son ordered his food for the other days, making food possible, even for those with food allergies to dine on the Lido Marketplace and be part of the fun vibe.

Not once on the trip did my son have a hunger pang, and not once did he wish for a food he did not have, Chef Menon, and his staff were phenomenal and fully embrace those challenged with our son’s food allergies.

Being able to dine each evening without reviewing his allergies and allowing him to enjoy some of the foods we were eating was simply amazing and something we are very grateful for.  Here’s our story of how we lavishly lived dining with allergies out loud on the Carnival Sunshine in the Lido Marketplace.

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The Main Dining Room is one option for dining at night or even for breakfast, but during the early morning, before those ports of call, or during the day, or after those ports of call, The Lido Marketplace on the Carnival Sunshine is where all the food focus is!

The Lido Marketplace 

If you want a burger, fries, taco, burrito, sandwich, pizza, or some other food, you will find it at the buffet, so dig in. But you can’t dig in if you have allergies, unless you talk to the Chefs on duty and get things straightened out!  Here is how you get to eat the food others are dining on at the Lido Marketplace.  In our case, as aforementioned, we dined nightly in the Main Dining Room, we loved that we got cleaned up from the day, and then served at night, this let the kids have the full cruise experience.

We dressed up(lightly on those basic nights) and while we were there, Niko ordered his foods for the next day. Chef Menon(Head Chef for the Ship) had introduced himself and he also explained to Niko that he needed to find the Chefs on the Lido Deck and introduce himself, as they were looking for him and needed to know who he was.

Carnival &  Food Allergies 

Here is his breakfast, his standing order that was placed the night before, and delivered magically to the Lido Marketplace. We simply found someone who worked on the food floor(and trust me there is no lack of finding someone-they are readily available and help you IMMEDIATELY!- we were treated so wonderfully) and asked for Niko’s order.  Someone would bring it to the table and sometimes it was even Agus or Senvil!

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Niko met Chef Cletus and Chef Bipin in the Lido Marketplace.  When Niko wanted food, he just needed to let them know what he wanted, and they would match it with options that met his allergen needs.  Niko loved the hot dogs, and the chips and they made sure that he could get his own, without those that might have been touched by other tongs that could have potentially touched other foods that he might be allergic to.  Additionally, they informed us about questions we had for pizza, icecream, etc.  They were Niko’s ticket to being able to eat on the main deck.


We never took food for him from the Buffet as we could not, but we did order items like Grilled Cheese(without ham) from them and hot dogs and chips.  If Niko wanted fries, he knew he could get them safely at Guy’s Burger Joint(we confirmed this with Chef Menon) and if he wanted a burger he could dine there as well.  If he wanted a sandwich or anything else on the buffet, he just had to ask to see one of the Chefs and he was provided for. There was nothing to eating on the Lido Marketplace it was a snap, it was just making sure to COMMUNICATE to the staff that he was there!

Cups did not provide a challenge as they were all fresh and  you needed to use a fresh cup each time you visited the drink center, so no contamination there.  The tables were always being serviced so they were always fresh and nothing was left on a table to make him ill.

In case you were wondering, there were small packs of cereal with cartons of milk that could be eaten as well, so this was always an option, albeit not a fun one!

My son easily navigated his way through dining and was quite successful.  We’d like to personally thank the staff of the The Lido Marketplace and Chefs Bipin and Cletus as  well Chef Menon, as their truest dedication to vacationers, cruisers, such as ourselves was made possible because of their care, attentiveness and creativity. That’s how to dine at the Lido Marketplace with allergies when on-board the Carnival and lavishly live food, allergies and dining out loud!

Please note, if you have food allergies you must make your own provisions, we set this up all ahead of time and everyone has different food allergies.  Check with Carnival Customer Service. Check out these fun articles for cruising and adventures.

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