Carnival Sunshine and PYOB

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You might have heard about the possibility of pouring your own beer, like you serve yourself food at the buffets on the cruises ships and you would be right if you are on the Carnival Sunshine.

Did you know on the Carnival Sunshine there is a PYOB on the ship? What exactly is PYOB? It is Pour Your Own Beer.  That’s right, don’t wait for a server, don’t get in line at a bar, just get to the PYOB station, and fill a 14oz glass with your beer that you dispense by yourself.

If you love the Pour Your Own Beer, make sure to check out the Pour Your Own Wine in the Library Bar on Carnival Sunshine too. Head on over to the Pizzeria Del Capitano, in the Marketplace on the Lido Deck and you will see the PYOB! Grab those Sail & Sign cards, get your glass and pour that beer! Are you ready to lavishly live cruising out loud and pour your own beer(PYOB) on the Carnival Sunshine?

PYOB as An Option Carnival Sunshine

This is a nice option to have on the Carnival Sunshine and I can tell you that the PYOB Is very much used! There is never a line that is ridiculously long, it is always meticulously clean, as you can see here, and the glasses are always stocked, so you can drink when you want! You do have to pay attention to what you are doing, to dispense the beer, but anyone could get this right, trust me.

PYOB, Carnival Sunshine, Serve your own beer, Pour Your Own Beer, Thirst Frog, Bud Light, beer, drinking, dana vento, Carnival Sunshine PYOB, dana vento, vacation, lido deck, marketplace

How to PYOB on Carnival Sunshine

You simply swipe you Sail & Sign(S&S) card and then pull the tap, for the brand you want, and pour the beer. You are guided to angle your glass in order to keep the head to a minimum on the beer, but it is easy, and everyone was using it from the new drinkers(age 21) to the older guys without problems.

Where is PYOB on Carnival Sunshine Located?

Because this PYOB is located in right next to the Pizzeria Del Capitano it is quite busy, after all who does not want a pizza and a beer, and the cost is quite fair as well.  The Cost is $3.95 for a 14 Oz Bud Light(or as many ounces as you want at .28 per ounce.  If you choose the Carnival Brand Beer, The Thirsty Frog(which is pretty good) it’s $4 for 14 oz or .29 per ounce.  What you don’t have here is a gratuity so you might consider this if you are not on the flat rate drinking plan and paying by the beer.  This is also perfect when you are not by a server or don’t feel like leaving the Lido Marketplace dining area to seek out a server for a beer!

The Thirsty Frog is the Carnival private label beer.  It is good and available throughout the ship at the different bars, just look for the tap! You can find it by the glass, the pint, the Tube and by the Pitcher.

If you like this, you will love the PYOW in the Carnival Library Bar, where you have four choices of white and four choices of red! This is a whole other story!

Lots of great pizza, and lots of time on the ocean, while having a designated driver, is there a more perfect time to splurge and indulge in pizza and beer time? Or perhaps you just love beer and the ability to pour it for yourself, well the freedom is there.  It is an option to those on the Carnival Sunshine! Lavishly live beer out loud when you PYOB aboard the Carnival Sunshine!

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*Must be of legal drinking age, don’t drink and drive! CCL provided my room and accommodating, opinions are my own.