Charming Irish Pub in Clonroche. Ireland

Whether en route to County Cork in Ireland,  or deliberately visiting and uncovering The Village of Clonroche, you’ll want to seek out this award-winning, traditional, Irish Pub in Clonroche.   

A Charming Irish Pub in Clonroche dazzles with authenticity. 

Irish Pub in Clonroche outside of Cloch Ban

My tour of Ireland was hosted. Images & Opinions are mine based on experiences and all are subject to copyright! 

You might search all over Ireland, looking for what you will have already experienced if you stop at this boutique Irish Pub in Clonroche. For those traveling with CIE Tours International, your guide will stop you here for lunch! 

On the other hand, if you are driving throughout Ireland on your own, and touring do make sure to seek out the Village of Clonroche in County Wexford

The menu is amazingly simple, yet provides something for everyone’s balance of hunger to be fulfilled. 

Irony in Wexford, Ireland.  Authentic Irish Pub in Clonroche

Day 2 of our Irish Adventure Tour, found us traveling from the Wicklow Mountains to Glendalough and then on to Waterford. A very busy day started with a great walk through the Glendalough Monastic Site, plenty of walking, and a very early rise! 

Lunch was upon us and we were about to experience a delightful pub in Clonroche County, Wexford, IrelandThe irony for me is that we live very close to Wexford in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

While we stopped here as a tour group, this was a lunch you do pay for, it is not included in the Ireland adventure package, but it’s very tasty and I would return here again! As the tour bus pulled in, I noted Ivy climbing on the walls, and my personal excitement began to grow. 

Not only would this Irish pub in Clonroche be our first experience with food but also inside a pub outside of Dublin.  

I Just Gotta Say It! This Charming Irish Pub in Clonroche is a travel & food writer’s dream come true! 

Village of Clonroche CLOCH BAN pubFrom service to eats, it’s definitely as good as it gets. Charming. Cozy. Bar-like yet not. Locals visit and tourists enjoy.  Viewing this Irish pub in Clonroche from the outside, definitely piqued my curiosity about the inside. 

Ireland Village of Clonoroche Entering Pub and menu

Honestly, no other cars around, no other people inside, until of course we were getting ready to leave. Don’t let lack of people or cars dissuade you from stopping you will have missed a gem of an Irish pub in Clonroche, I assure you! 

The intrigue of the exterior captivates at the Irish Pub in Clonroche

You will be in awe of the simple greenery that clings to the building as a lifeline of spreading growth. From hanging floral baskets, windows trimmed in green, a mix of black paint interspersed onto the white brick, to a pathway lined in potted florals, each led the way to a very welcoming, quite authentic,  bijou Irish pub in Clonroche. 

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The Cloch Ban Irish Pub in Clonroche awaits your arrival. For now, let me share a bit more of this fun stop! 

Inside the Clock Ban Irish Pub in Clonroche. 

Irish Pub in Clonroche Exterior and interior

Do expect: 

  • Practical not fancy. 
  • Teal upholstered booths 
  • A welcoming lit fireplace (dependant on the season of travel)
  • Bar area with wooden seats
  • Very clean restrooms
  • A small yet very diverse menu
  • Fair priced offerings on the menu
  • Alcohol available (it’s a Pub after all!) 
  • Seating as far as I could tell for up to about 40.

Our tour group filled up all the dining seats, leaving the room a the bar, and a few other odd tables!  

Seating at Cloch Ban

The fireplace was quite nice and it looks like the Cloch Ban must host some form of dance. We noted the floors and a ‘disco-like’ ball overhead. Not knowing more history on this stop, until after we left, I have to say it was impressive. 

Now, that said, the Cloch Ban has won the ‘Wexford in Bloom Pub of the Year’ 6 different times, making it a very ‘great’ pub! Yeah! Now visit, and check it off your travel list! 

Don’t Expect This Irish Pub in Clonroche To: 

 Be found on a website. You won’t find it there. Why? Because the Cloch Ban doesn’t have one. Welcome to traditional, authentic, and unnecessary, a hidden gem, with word-of-mouth reviews from traveler to traveler! 

What Can We Eat At the Irish Pub in Clonroche? 

What I loved about this menu is that while it’s small, it’s incredibly detailed. Note that allergens are called out. I mean, this is incredible for those that can not eat certain foods due to allergies. Totally uncommon.

I love that The Cloch Ban considers this aspect of food service. Did you see the menu? There’s so something for everyone. Are you hungry yet? Wait till I show you the food! 

Menu at the Cloch ban

Have a looksie at the menu. There’s not a lot on it, but what is offered are practical choices, at fair prices. From vegetable soup for vegetarians (I’m in!) to shrimp and beef, there’s definitely something for everyone.

Sip Sip Hooray it’s time for Delicious Pub Eats

Michael and I vowed to just enjoy our Irish Adventure. Let me define this for you. With every meal, we decided we needed to indulge in a libation, plain and simple. Away from the kids, spending time on our own, yes, I get a little silly!

Cloch Ban. Irish pub in Clonroche

We are in a pub, we are not driving, and we are enjoying ourselves. Well, maybe just a little too much. I mean, one little bottle of wine does not get you that tipsy!

Perhaps leprechauns got me! Ha!

Wine in The Cloch Ban

Starters I’m Starved! It’s a long day ahead. Fill Up! 

Vegetable Soup with Brown Bread CroutonsAside from beer and wine, we got a cup of Vegetable Soup and I gotta tell you, it’s insanely addicting.

Who knew that a pub would serve some of the best vegetable soup either of us has ever tasted?

Soup with brown bread - Cloch ban Pub

Get it, or you will regret it, it’s that good! We should have gotten a bowl each but we split one because we did not want to overeat. Big mistake because we were battling one another for it spoon by spoon. Just saying!

Exceptional Service. No Lollygagging at the Irish Pub in Clonroche

I am telling you we hardly got the order in and it was at the table.

Fast service sets this pub apart from so many we tried on our own when we were not with the tour group. Remember we arrived days before the tour started and stayed days after the tour ended! 

Now, let me show you the foo! 

Beef Guinness Stew.

Beef Guinness Stew at Cloch Ban

Look at these little dutch ovens in pink. Then take a look at the perfectly balled scoops of mashed potatoes and portions of fresh veggies.

Seriously good stuff here. Michael ate everything, and everyone around us did the same.

Shrimp Scampi – Delicious Irish Pub in Clonroche! 

Shrimp scampi in a basket. Irish pub in Clonroche

Shrimp Scampi it’s breaded. There’s no Scampi in a lemon garlic sauce, it’s breaded? Breaded shrimp and chips it is! Really good eats. Also, a thing to note about Irish food, a salad is about 1/2 cup of lettuce maximum, and that is what it is on my plate.

The lettuce in this tasted really farm to table, it was that fresh. We skipped on dessert because we were really full from our lunch. Our bill was about $35 dollars so really fair pricing. 

Find The Irish Pub in Clonroche 

The signage is unmistakable as is the building across the street! 

Cloch Ban and building across the streetI love it so much here. Therefore, I am even adding the address which I don’t usually do!  Enniscorthy Road, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, Ireland. 

When passing through the village of Clonroche County Wexford, in Ireland, this is your stop for lunch! ~ Dana Culinary Travel Gal XO ~

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