Thrillseekers Heart Pumping Adventures SXM.

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Do you seek out thrilling adventures when you are on vacation to quench your thirst for discovery and challenges? St.  Maarten has so many different adventures! 

Ready for heart pumping St Maarten activities for thrillseekers? 

St Maarten activities for thrillseekers from top of Rainforest Adventures

When you want nail-biting, death-defying heights, zip-lining awesomeness, and breathtaking views St. Maarten delivers big! Here, you won’t need a telescopic lens in order to register that Instagram-worthypicture. Instead, you need your eyes and your phone camera, that’s it! 

Oh for the love of adventure these big 3 St Maarten activities for thrillseekers will absolutely quench your adrenaline-loving soul without a doubt.

We are headed today to visit our hosts for the morning, Rain Forest Adventures St. Maarten.  Our visit was hosted! Images and stories are my own and subject to copyright. 

Travel Bucket List X-Off’s: St Maarten Activities for Thrillseekers ✅

St Maarten Activities for Thrillseekers Summit

First, for those of you that love zip lining, this will cross off a few zip lining musts on those travel bucket lists! 

  • most amazing views of the Caribbean
  • experience the worlds’ steepest zip line! Drop 1050′ in an elevation of 2800’+! Woohoo. 
  • 3 very different zip line experiences in ONE St. Maarten location! 

Obviously, there’s a journey involved in order to capture that view in the photo right! Really those homes and businesses are a long way down! 

Shortlist of What to Expect at these St Maarten Activities for Thrillseekers

Feel the Thrill St Maarten Zip lines

  •  Heights✅.
  • Adventure✅.
  • Ziplining✅.
  • Family Fun✅.
  • heart pumping fun start to finish✅.

St. Maarten is remarkably gorgeous. I am so excited to share where to find high-flying adventures as well as a stunning, unforgettable 360° view experience of the island. 

Come as a family, on a date, from a cruise ship, or visit for some time away from your resorts, but do make sure to experience it. Undeniably the best St Maarten activities for thrillseekers! 

Adrenaline Rush St Maarten Activities for Thrillseekers

Tips For Best Experience at St Maarten Activities for Thrillseekers

  • Go earlier, rather than later. When cruise ships arrive at St. Maarten it gets busier, more congested. 
  • Wear only close-toed shoes. 
  • Do not wear loose-fitting clothing. 
  • Don’t carry loose change. 
  • Parking is paid for separately
  • Tips are not included in any of the attraction tickets. 
  • There may be height and weight restrictions
  • Phones may not be in your hands (on the Flying Dutchman) at any time due to safety precautions. 

Can Anyone Go To The St Maarten Activities for Thrillseekers? 

Here we go

Pretty much anyone can go, however, if you don’t meet the height and weight requirements for the one attraction you may not be able to take part in that adventure. Also, the ride up on the chair lift is really NOT for the faint of heart. 

Being totally transparent I struggled greatly with my fear of heights, it’s high and really takes your breath away. 

Platform to go down at St Maarten Activities for Thrillseekers airport strip

However, once on that platform above, the view, and your line of sight are beyond incredible. You’ve got the vantage point of a lifetime for photo opps! 

If you stay at the base, where you check-in and pay, you can explore the museum, and enjoy food at the restaurant. 

St Maarten Activities for Thrillseekers starts at the bottom of this mammoth mountain! 

St Maarten Activities for Thrillseekers From Below Bucket listYour experience will begin in a chairlift (ski lift) and you will ascend to the top of. 

Time spent here is valuable as you will uncover history, heights, and panoramic views, and a feeling of accomplishment after you wrangle the experiences! 

Plus, the views you about to witness, from the summit deck will have you talking about it months after you have left!  

Heart Pumping Ascent: Beginning of the Best Experience at St Maarten Activities for Thrillseekers

Ascent St Maarten thrillseeking adventure

To get to the zip lining action you ride the Soualiga Sky Explorer chairlifts to the top. If you chose the Schooner ride (the inner tube that races down the hill) you can opt to get off and do that now, or after your zip line.

My family got on the lift and traveled the lift to the top. At this point, they arrived at the Sentry Hill Zip Line.

No. 1: Sentry Hill Zip Line. St Maarten Activites for Thrillseekers 

If you have not been zip lining before, this is a great place to try it. No screaming involved, as they are zip lining pros for their age because every vacation they zip for one memorable occasion.

However, this will be the best ever, after all, I did title this article, “TheBest Experience at St Maarten Activities for Thrillseekers!”

Zipping as usual


I should mention that the equipment is all clean and well maintained. This is MJ and Niko on the Sentry Zip Line. You can see smiles ear to ear.zipping is thrilling on top of the world



To The Top No. 2~ The Flying Dutchman St Maarten Activities for Thrillseekers 

Flying Dutchman

To get up to the WAY top, the Flying Dutchman, and the 360° viewing deck you need to take an additional chairlift. This is a pretty steep pitch. 

top by the Flying Dutchman

Once you arrive at the top, you can walk on the first tier of the deck. The views you see will simply be mind-boggling. Next, there are steps to the next level of the terrace. Here you will see farther, and you will get on to the Flying Dutchman.

From top of Flying Dutchman St Maarten Activities for Thrillseekers


Here is my crew, going down. They are that high up there. The drop will descents over 1050 feet. Heaviest will finish last if you go in a group, we learned that. I got lucky with the timing and caught them going down while I was riding the lift down. Great timing!

My crew on the flying Dutchman

Down We Go: St Maarten Activities for Thrillseekers

Platform to go down at St Maarten Activities for Thrillseekers

So, as I said, the way down is a steep pitch, and the lifts are slower than ski lifts.

I think it took about 15 minutes to get up and to go down. This is the bridge path to the first lift to get to the next lift that will return you to the base and parking lot.

rainforest adventures sxm

Unless of course there are people having issues getting on and off. Then, they stop the lift for a few seconds, to clear them from the loading and unloading zone. I rode down because I did not attempt the Flying Dutchman, otherwise, I would already be at the bottom.

view from top Flying Dutchman St Maarten Activities for Thrillseekers

No. 3: Tube Like You Mean It: St Maarten Activities for Thrillseekers 

Schooner + laugh! This one is so fun, you can’t help but laugh from start to finish. Again, you’ll ride the lift to this point: schooner, and then get off. Then you will get on the tube and ride downhill laughing all the way! Maybe even taking a selfie as you can see my one son took full advantage of. 

Tubing at SXM Rainforest Adventures

Those that crave heart pumping fun, enjoy these St Maarten Activities for thrillseekers! 

Whether you spend the day off of the ship or want to take a few hours away from your resort, you will find a great destination activity here.

Capture views, and curb your appetite for adrenaline rushes here. Come early and spend the day. Your high-flying adventure and incredible views await your arrival in St. Maarten. ~ DANA XO 

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