11 Easy Bread Recipes To Make At Home

breadsDid the baking bug sink in yet?

We are home, and working on our new normal and trips to the store are far and few between.

Fresh bread is more a commodity than the norm, right?

In fact, these 11 easy bread recipes to make at home will help you with the ‘easy’ part.

These easy bread recipes range from filled bread, bread bowls and loaves of bread!

If you are craving delicious bread then you need to bake them!

Don’t shy away from baking bread it’s easy.

Whether you have a bread machine, an air fryer, or prefer to make bread by hand, there’s a recipe for you.

Sift through these 11 easy bread recipes and see which breads you want to experiment with.

What I do know is that these 11 easy bread recipes to make at home work, because I constantly use them in my menu planning rotation.

11 easy bread recipes to make at home Air Fryer Easy Bread Recipes ~ For Starters

What happens when you combine an air fryer with bread dough?

You might just create one of the best darn eats you’ve ever had.

#1 Twisted Pepperoni Bread

Twisted Pepperoni Bread Combining store-bought dough and stuffing it, allows you to create a really yummy grab and go bread.

Eat the Twisted Pepperoni Bread as a meal, a snack or any time you just are craving bread.

The simple ingredients afford you the chance to succeed at creating a great bread-making recipe!

#2 Air Fryer Garlic Knots

Air Fryer Garlic Knots

This dough is already made and just needs to be air fried.

Your biggest challenge will be tying the Dough Knot!

Simple to make and the air fryer again strikes the balance between easy cooking and really good eats!

Whether you want air-fried Dough Knots that are Parmesan Dusted or air fryer Buffalo garlic knots, make them with ease!

#3 Bread Bowls Are Also Part of my Easy Bread Recipes Collection

Bread Bowls

Your bread machine will do most of the manual labor for the dough.

You will form the bread bowls.

Imagine being able to dish out chowders or thick cheesy soups in your own homemade bread bowls?

Make fondue or put cheese chunks in for parties.

Bread bowls are part of my easy bread recipes because there’s literally very little work involved.

#4 Beer Bread Yum

beer bread

Beer bread is the quintessential of beginner bread making in my book.

When I started out making loaves of bread, incorporating beer to the recipe was easy!

You gotta try a loaf of bread made with beer.

Don’t worry, my recipes are easy!

The one you see in the photo is Parmesan garlic beer bread.

You can also make plain old beer bread if you are not into parmesan and garlic!

#5 Cinnamon Bread ~ included with my easy read recipes

cinnamon bread

So sometimes you want a sweet bread!

If you want to do nothing more than toss the ingredients into a bread machine and yield a perfect loaf, this is YOUR recipe to try!

It’s been replicated over 2000x and I have all the followers images to prove that!

Cinnamon Bread is so good and really easy.

Make sure to read the directions through and then have at it!

#6 Focaccia Bread

Garlic Parmesan Focaccia Bread bakedFor those that don’t own a bread machine, this is your baby to coddle.

Add in what you want as far as spices go, or don’t add any.

Make good old-fashioned focaccia bread without the big price tag that you pay at the market!

Basically your active time in creation is about 5 minutes and that’s it.

So, if you want an easy-to-make bread this is it!

#7 French Bread and Baguettes

Incredibly Easy French Baguette Bread Machine Recipe, yeast, bread machine, fast and easy, part bread machine, part hand rolling, rolls, bread, loaves, loaf, crusty, video recipe, bread video recipe, fail safe, dough, secret to success, bread making, easy bread making

Crunchy, crusty french bread.

It’s hard to find good french bread, but even harder to bake it.

Or is it that hard?

My secret to crustiness makes the difference between French bread that is soft and French that is crusty!

#8 Caraway Rye Bread

caraway rye bread

Caraway rye bread is great seasonal bread.

We make this for most holidays.

While it can be a challenge with some recipes, I’ve added a secret ingredient my gramma shard with me to help out!

#9 Tuscan Herb Bread

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Basically, once you mix these simple ingredients together, you will get a loaf of bread that looks like this.

The taste of Tuscan Herb bread is amazing and light!

#10 Italian Sesame Bread

sesame breadLight, airy, crusty and a bit of spice mixed in.

You got it, Italian Sesame Bread.

While this bread dough starts in the bread machine, you will form the small loaves.

It’s easy and a great starting recipe for those that want a small challenge!

There’s really nothing hard about the recipe!

#11 Papas Secos Rolls ~ easy bread recipe to make at home

papas secos, portuguese rolls

These Papas Secos Rolls might have happened by chance or because I knew I could make rolls that were more unique.

The recipe is simplistic, and forming is not that hard.

You will LOVE these for sandwiches.

NO matter which of these easy bread recipes to make at home that you choose to prepare you will find success.

Show me your creations, tagging me on Pinterest and Instagram!