Bakery In The Outer Banks

Bakery In the Outer Banks found!

bakery in outer banks cupcake and cannoliHeaded to the Outer Banks? You’ll want to find a bakery and I’ll share one we’ve frequented!

Honestly, there’s nothing like a vacation to the Outer Banks area. In fact, the culinary scene is poppin’.

Huge, luxury rental homes let families and friends gather together for weeks on end and the fun in the sun never stops.

But, the last thing I want to do is cook every meal or make dessert! Seek out this bakery in the Outer Banks!

Growing Up I Learned to Seek Out The Bakery While On Vacay!

Bakery Destination in the outer banks 2As a little girl, my parents introduced me to food scenes around the world, and my love of culinary began.

Any trip to the beach was always around the stops at the local bakery!

My dad loves pastries and well, the apple-ette did not fall far from the tree!

Exactly Where Is The Bakery In Outer Banks You Need To Find?

Bakery Shop in Duck insideWell, you are going to travel to the downtown Duck area.

Once you arrive you to the Bakery in the Outer Banks will find the following options:

  • bagels
  • donuts
  • breakfast sandwiches
  • pies
  • cupcakes
  • cookies
  • ice cream
  • coffee
  • cakes
  • bread

Now, are you ready to visit the bakery in the Outer Banks that can fill a sweet tooth and your beach rental pantry?

We have arrived at Bakery Heaven in Duck, North Carolina.

It’s Tullio’s Bakery. Now it’s time to give your blood sugar a gentle spike of Happy!

Bakery in the Outer Banks

You’ve seen me find donuts around the world and confectionary bliss, so why would I not seek out the best bakery destination in the Outer Banks?

Let’s scope out this bakery destination in Duck, North Carolina.

Do You Google Bakery Shop in Outer Banks before you travel?

As a true foodie, I Google food everywhere before I go.

When I looked at this bakery destination, it had me at Cannoli Donut.

cannoli donutsI mean, an Italian Girl and a cannoli are always besties.

Trust me, order these ahead and order them by the dozen but you have to CALL the order in ( I emailed by mistake, so don’t make the same mistake!)

I gotta be honest, this was my PICK of the tasting.

NO matter how good a cupcake is, a donut will trump a cupcake in my world, any day.

What Makes A Cannoli Donut Amazing?

Look at the cream, the cannoli pieces, and then the donut.

Split in 1/2, and filled with Cannoli cream, how could you deny this delicacy?

I did mention Cupcakes

Having spent a different trip with one of my girlfriends, we stopped in at Tullio’s.

Amee was given a box of cupcakes, and she loved them and I can see why!

Cupcakes are an item you either get right or get wrong.

You already know if I am featuring Tullio’s Bakery their cupcakes had to be ALL RIGHT or they would NEVER be on my site.

The icing is decadent, not too sweet, not thin, not thick.

 Bakery In The Outer Banks: Cupcakes from Tullio's

It’s creamy, with a touch of flavor, then swirled atop with sweeping perfection.

Devil’s Food Makes The Day Complete

While I can’t know if the same flavors are available, I do know you just can’t go wrong with Tullio’s Cupcakes! Order them for your whole crew!

Devil's Food Cupcake IN the Outer Banks

The taste in this cupcake is undeniably the richest, and most depth-filled taste of Red Devil’s food I’ve had since my Aunt’s recipe in Chicago.

Key Lime For the Win From the Bakery In The Outer Banks

Key Lime Cupcake in the Outer Banks

Umm. What can I say, it made it through the photoshoot and after that, it was in my belly.

So rich in flavor and it was too seductive to look at, as those sugar green crystals glistened under the sun and whispered, “eat me!” I listened.

Breakfast Sandwiches at the Bakery In the Outer Banks

Unfortunately, last summer, my son, dislocated, fractured, and required surgery with a screw placement on his elbow, so we had to cut our trip early.

So for the second time in the week, we drove up to Duck from Corolla, as we were leaving.

The kids were all starved (and in pain) so I went in and stood in line because the food is so good, it’s very popular!

I can tell you that this is an awesome breakfast stop.


Their bagels are really good, and they are homemade, so I suggest a few dozen, but order them ahead!

Things To Know About The Italian Bakery In The Outer Banks

If you love breakfast but want a morning off, load the crew in the cars and get here, but I will warn you, the parking lot rocks, and the lines get long.

Did I mention bring cash, because they had a cash-only sign-up last year at the register! (summer 2020)

This Italian bakery is in Downtown Duck, and you can do some other shopping while you are there.

Walk the boardwalk and visit this delicious restaurant!

I drove from Corolla to the bakery to load up one morning for the kids!

Plan time if you are exiting the Outer Banks to call in your order and pick it up for breakfast on the way out, so you aren’t waiting in a line!

Dawn & Tom ~ Tullio’s Outer Banks Bakery Owners

Dawn and Tom of Tullio's Bakery in the Outer Banks

Truly the most passionate owners in a bakery I have met. Tom is there at the wee hours of the morning till late in the day and then it all starts again.

Tom & Dawn are ready to serve you coffee, breakfast sandwiches, bagels, donuts, or pie.

Sending them Best Beach wishes for an incredible upcoming summer! ~ Dana XO