Put In Bay Lunch at 1 Yummy Restaurant 

Whether you are just getting off the docks from Jet Express or arriving from Miller Ferries or getting ready to leave Put In Bay, I’ve got 1 yummy lunch restaurant for you! 

Put In Bay Jet Express and Millers Ferry

 Put In Bay Lunch. 1 REEL Yummy Meal.  

Reel Bar, Awesome Put In Bay Lunch. 1 REEL Yummy Meal. Island Fun!

Ready for island fun in a fisherman’s eclectic setting? 

Put In Bay top docksMy meal was hosted, however, images and opinions are mine based on service as well as food quality. 

My food experiences when I travel are a joyful jumble of allergen-friendly dining when my one son is with me to crazy unique flavor experiences. Each experience lets me taste the local richness and flavor of the area I am in.

Welcome to the Island! 

Put In Bay, a village in South Bass Island offers a lot of fun choices, but not all are allergen friendly. So if you are seeking the trifecta of perfection for your family: 

Allergen friendly, centrally located, awesome food, then you will definitely want to head to the REEL Bar for Reel Yummy Eats! 

Plus, my Put In Bay lunch eatery turns into a fabulous nighttime romp, but I’ll cover that on another entry.  If you are leaving Put In Bay and heading to Kelleys Island, eat before you go! 

Where Is The Reel Yummy Meal? Ready for your Put In Bay lunch? 

Put In Bay Lunch 1 REEL Yummy MealIs your belly rumbling and you just found my post? Good. Are you close to the boat docks at Jet Express? Or the Put In Bay Winery? Great you are steps away. 

Reel Bar sits on the edge of downtown, out of the cluster jumble of craziness that waits for you as you get off the boats and head for the town. The village is well endowed with places to drink and some places to eat, but if you have food allergies and want to really savor the vibrance of the village.

Seek out 461 Catawba Ave, Put-In-Bay, OH 43456.

Make No Mistake It’s Not Just A Put In Bay Lunch Stop 

Whether you are craving breakfast from that drink hangover or just want a delicious lunch, dinner, or additional drinks, REEL Bar is waiting for you. Honestly, the Best Put In Bay lunch experience turns into a fun night with a splash of entertainment

Expect these 3 things at the Reel Bar Put In Bay Lunch 

  1. Reel Food
  2. Reel Drinks
  3. Reel Allergen-friendly dining (Must tell the server that you have allergies so they can accommodate!) 

The Owners of The Awesome Put In Bay Bar & Eatery 

I’ve gotten to know them well, and they are just the nicest people! In fact, going to the island seems like going home as I know so many people there now! Their restaurant and bar flourish because they are good people with great ideas!

Reel Bar in Put IN Bay Lunch spot. Angela and Andy

Meet Andy and Angela, co-owners of The Reel Bar, formerly known as Tony’s.  In fact, this is a historic building in the area, but it was totally refaced. The ‘REEL’ is all about the fishing, boating, and the Lake Erie area, and the decor fits it well.

Take a look at the boat on the ceiling, no you are not seeing things nor have you have one too many yet….. Funky, fun, chic! 

Put In Bay Eatery Celebrates Island Life 

Reel Bar in Put In Bay. Ceiling of fishermen's' net

When you travel, you look for destinations, and destinations are worthy of a visit because it celebrates the feel of the area the best. In fact, the REEL BAR not only celebrates the feel of the area, but the owners also live there and really have the real island vibe, food, and spirit packed into the restaurant, foods served, etc.

I See A Stage Inside the Put In Bay Lunch stop! 

Yes, there is a stage and if you stay on the island at night, this is where to come to for a REEL party

Entertainment Stage Put IN Bay Lunch

Established fun served here! Drinks that offer a ‘punch’ of fun like the area, and entertainment that keeps that ‘island’ spark moving on into the hours of the morning. We’ve been here for that party!

Why let a good party stop? It’s the Reel Bar

12 Noon Straight Up    

So, we stopped in famished from touring in the morning. The island is always hopping so you gotta get in while the getting is good! Put In Bay at lunch is actually really busy because the ferries keep dropping of patrons and some start out eating so, as the boats dock, so do the people!  Land ahoy! 

Hungry anyone? 

It’s 5  O’Clock Somewhere right? Drinks Please 

Reel Bar Cocktail. Put In Bay Lunch

First up, a lovely beverage called ‘Oh Boy’ (Buddy Holly) – what’s in the glass that is so amazing? Absolut Citron, Powell Mahoney simple syrup, muddled lemons, and Sprite… Happy island life after a few of these.  

Really Fresh Squeezed #Cocktail. What’s in this Put In Bay Lunch or anytime cocktail? Vodka, fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice! 

Oh' Boy cocktail Beverage in Put In Bay lunch.

Put In Bay Lunch Side Salad 

 Southwestern Salad in Put In Bay Lunch

This salad is just a tantalizing treat guaranteed to make any foodie drool over. Greens topped with black beans, grilled corn, red onion, cheddar cheese, tortilla strips, and then drizzled with bbq and ranch!

The BBQ and Ranch swirl together amplifying each other’s taste!


Remember I said you can eat here even if you have food allergies? Well, here’s what my one son ate. 

Allergen Friendly Chicken Fingers and Fries at Put In Bay Lunch

As a mom of a child with severe food allergies, I have to be so careful where we eat and defining what places we can eat at. Dedicated fryers, latex-free, nut-free, seafood free and restaurants that can deliver cross-contamination-free dining are the only places I will patronize and feature.

Guess what… Reel Bar is REEL about allergen-friendly dining. Look at what you can eat here, and this is just one of many options. Note: a teen child craves fries and fried chicken fingers, so this is just what he got.

Put In Bay lunch at the REEL Bar and remember, to tell your server about YOUR allergies! 

Chicken Tender Platter In A Bowl

It’s finger-licking good because I saw kids licking their fingers! Chicken strips fried to perfection served atop a bed of fresh-cut house fries rounded out with a choice of dipping sauce.

What could be more delicious because it’s just plain good! Each bite provided comfort and flavor and lots of freshness.

Perch Tacos – Local Eats  at Put In Bay Lunch 

Perch Tacos - Put In Bay Lunch Local catch

Generally, I never eat another tacos anywhere, because thanks to Andy and Angela, I’ve been spoiled with local cuisine!   Who knew that the local fish, PERCH served up on a fresh flour tortilla with a citrus slaw would steal the show?

I have had awful seafood tacos out but this one made up for every other restaurant that tried and failed miserably. No running sauce, a crunch that just makes you crave more, and the fish, a thing filet that just tucks away neatly into the tortilla.

Yes, this is the winner and I suggest the above beverages of ‘Oh Boy’ or a Reely Fresh Squeezed Cocktail.

Just Get To The Edge Of Downtown for your Put In Bay lunch

All I can suggest is once you get your golf cart, jump in, get a morning libation, see the island, come back and dine here. Grab a bite to eat, listen to the music, and enjoy Reel Entertainment and Reel Food.

Lunch. Allergies. Drinks. Good Eats 

Here’s my thing, I am not a risk-taker with dining and food allergies. I spoke to MANY of the restaurants in the area. Many can’t offer allergen friendly meals or just don’t want bothered. Some wont’ even answer email queries, but the REEL bar IS different. 

Seek out the awesome Put In Bay lunch and enjoy your day on the island. Eat. Drink. Vacation! 

When you find a restaurant that cares enough to cut out the risk, to take care of your family (because they understand family) you head there.  This is NOT JUST about dining with safety, it is about good food and it’s about a really nice family that runs the restaurant. ~ Dana XO