Ass-Kicking Fresh Peach Margaritas

Did someone say, ‘Peach Margaritas?’

peach margaritas in glass with floating peach piecesMargaritas are one of my favorite drinks to sip on.

Today’s feature recipe, that I am going to share is beyond sip-worthy!

Plus, if you don’t sip these peach margaritas, you might be on the floor, unless you adjust the alcohol content!

Fresh Peach Margaritas

Loaded with peaches, and peach flavored alcohol and liqueurs, these fabulously fresh and sip-worthy peach margaritas will no doubt become your favorite!

Delicate, ripe, fleshy, and succulent fresh peaches are the key to the resulting flavor, but the peach does not stop there!

peach margaritas one in glass with floating peach pieces

Chill your glasses, and make sure you’ve got enough crushed ice on hand.

Next, pull out your blender, a few good friends, and some good snacks.

It’s time for a fiesta of peach margaritas!

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Sip-Worthy Peach Margaritas

peaches for peach margaritasSeriously when I made these for the first time, everyone thought I bought them and brought them home.

They taste like they are created by a mixologist and I am not even that good at drink creations!

When you put the margaritas in a great glass they look so fancy!

I worked at balancing the alcohol into the peaches and I think (as I’ve been told) I’ve succeeded.

Kick-Ass Peach Margaritas with 1 Secret Ingredient

Fresh peaches slicedIn a Mexican restaurant close to our home, there are these kick-ass margaritas.

Literally, they kick your ass if you drink the full mason jar.

You may no be able to walk or talk really well, and there’s a lot of designated drivers going or those that prefer a beer instead of a margarita so they can drive home the intoxicated, lol!

The margaritas at this restaurant rival ANY I’ve ever had.

In fact, I gauge every single margarita by this restaurant.

Therefore, I created my own very similar peach margaritas and there is 1 secret ingredient that sealed the deal!

Caution: these Peach Margaritas Are Not For the Lightweights!

What I’ve found, through a suggestion of a mixologist friend, is a way to create a ‘great drink’ that does not taste like alcohol, but definitely can sweep you off your feet.

Again, I am not promoting drinking, but if you are looking for a night just hanging at home, here’s your golden peach margarita ticket!

Don’t drink this and expect it to taste like a traditional margarita.

It’s a PEACH margarita and it’s like a dessert, but you will feel it from your head to your feet! PLONK!

Peaches Really Matter When It Comes To Peach Margaritas

fresh peaches cut in halfAnd when it’s fresh peach season, these peach margaritas are premium!

So remember in Juley when it’s time for Titan Farms famed peaches and crank these out!

Did I mention that Titan Farms is the largest peach farm on the East Coast located in the Peach Capital of the world, The Old 96 District of South Carolina.

Remember, never drink and drive, don’t consume alcohol if you are underage or pregnant. Friends don’t let friends drive drunk! This is just a recipe, not an invitation to drink and drive.

Sip-Worthy Fresh Peach Margaritas: 1 Secret Ingredient

You are about to find out what I used to make the peach margaritas pop.

Being fair, I find it much more realistic to say if you make one of these, I’ll doubt you’ll need any more that night, or day:) just saying!

Spike Those Fresh Peaches Into A Peach Alcohol Bath!

alcohol in the drinkI’m not a mixologist, I am a self-proclaimed home chef who owned a restaurant and catered many a party, and naturally did plenty of sit-down dinners.

That said, my drinks are basic, with ingredients, and when I create a drink, I add what I believe is right.

But, after contemplating the, ‘I think there is something missing here factor’ is when I talked to my mixologist friend.

She suggested adding in 99 Peaches. It’s crazy good, amps the alcoholic content of the beverage, yet rounds it out.

I could have used the middle peach schnapps to make peach margaritas but going all-in was far better!

Now, remember, these are peach margaritas should be made much lighter for anyone leaving your home!

Springboard Recipe You Go From Here

peach margaritas in ProcessYou always can increase, decrease or eliminate what I am suggesting.

The recipes that I make are versatile, simple, and will have a great flavor when used in their original form.

However, we all have our own personal tastes and you can use my recipe as a springboard to create YOUR own.

Alcohol Options To Use For Peach Margaritas.

peaches for peach margaritas3 fresh peaches for peach margaritasThe word ‘peach‘ in alcohol is offered in a lot of different types of alcohol.

There are infused peach spirits, Crown Royal Peach Whisky, Manischewitz Cream Peaches, Peach Moscato, Peach Tea Whiskey, Peach Brandy, Peach Schnapps, Peach Vodka, Peach Gin, you got the idea.

My point, after all that ‘peach’ talk, is that you can find a peach to mix in that YOU will love. Maybe you don’t want a typical margarita?

Walk your way through a few different alcohols to arrive at the one you prefer.

Of course, we used ‘normal’ ingredients, but I did use the ‘secret’ ingredient 99 Peach Schnapps because I wanted a higher proof and one more for flavor!

Peach Margaritas and Get The Right Consistency.

I used my Ninja and I used WHOLE peaches. That’s right, I did NOT take off the skin.

Did you know that peach skin offers antioxidants and anti-cancer properties?

Do your body good, while you do it bad, hahaha!. Naturally, something is always bad for you, right?

Did You Make these?

Naturally, if you make something totally different, tell me because inquiring minds want to know their options!

How much did you change? What was the flavor like?

Was it better, worse, or even something we should ‘never try’? I want to know.

Tag me in Instagram and share your drink!

Recipe Here ⇓

Triple Peach Margaritas in a glass

Peach Margaritas

Did someone say, 'Peach Margaritas?'
Margaritas are one of my favorite drinks to sip on. 
Today's feature recipe, that I am going to share is beyond sip-worthy! 
Loaded with peaches, and peach flavors, these fabulously fresh and sip-worthy triple peach margaritas will no doubt become your favorite! 
Delicate, ripe, fleshy and succulent fresh peaches are the key to the resulting flavor, but the peach does not stop there!
Chill your glasses, make sure there's enough ice in the freezer. 
Then, grab your blender, a few good friends, and some good snacks. 
It's time for a margarita fiesta! 
You'll find that I have used a strong Peach Schnapp's in here and it's because I learned this little trick from a friend who mixes drinks.
The one Mexican restaurant closer to my home serves incredible margaritas.
They are my gold standard when it comes to taste-testing and loving on a margarita.
Bad as this may sound if I try margaritas elsewhere and I gauge it against theirs.
Unsurpassed and this one comes darn close.
It has to do with this Schnapps or so I was told:)
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Course: Recipes
Cuisine: alcohol
Prep Time: 5minutes
Total Time: 5minutes
Servings: 16oz
Calories: 925kcal
Author: dana vento


  • 2 oz 99 Peach Schnapps I used 99 Peaches - you could swap Peach Schnapp's as well (I've showed that in photo in my writeup) You can add up to 3 oz before it starts tasting like Alcohol when combined with the other alcohol/liqueurs in the recipe
  • 1 0z Peach Vodka
  • 2 oz -Tequila
  • 1 oz -Triple Sec
  • 1 C Rinsed and Cut Peach with SKIN on Optional= you can peel
  • 1/2 -1 c Ice - crushed as little or as much ice as you like.
  • *Optional Salt for rim


  • Rinse and cut peach (toss pit)
  • Place About 1/2 C Ice into Ninja/Blender.
  • 99 Peaches (I used 99 Peaches for a greater alcohol content) peach vodka, and tequila, and triple sec.
  • Pulse for about 20-30 seconds to mix.
  • Prepare a tall glass or margarita glass (you would salt the rim or sugar before filling glass with ice if you are doing such, we did not), with 1/2 cup of ice (less is fine as well) and pour the mix over ice.
  • Enjoy.


Friends don't let friends drink and drive.
Don't drink if you are underage or pregnant.
Consume alcohol responsibly.
These are perfect for nights when you are going nowhere but want a drink with a great taste and a lot of 'punch' without tasting it (the alcohol)


Serving: 1g | Calories: 925kcal | Carbohydrates: 94g | Protein: 2g | Fat: 1g | Sodium: 589mg | Fiber: 3g | Sugar: 91g

*Never drink and drive, do not drink if you are pregnant or think you might be pregnant and drink responsibly if you do drink – Must be of legal age to consume alcohol. Friends don’t let friends drink and drive.