3 Tips To Make Your College Dorm Room Bed More Comfortable

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The big day is coming for so many students out there.

It’s the day that your parents either love or dread.

No matter how your parents are feeling about sending you off to college, it is about to happen!

One thing is for certain you need your dorm room bed to be comfortable.

The ‘new to you’ dorm room will be your new ‘home away from home’ and that means you will need everything from the sheets to the pillows!

Today, I am about to share with you some simple tips for providing comfort and style to your dorm bed!

While your parents are not with you (and most of you are thrilled about that!) they still can deliver big in comfort and style, so you can relax in the room!

Now it is time to order what you need, and pack it up, because College move-in day is coming!

Use these 3 tips to make your college dorm room bed more comfortable and get ready to snuggle up and relax daily!

3 Tips To Make Your College Dorm Room Bed More Comfortable

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While our products were provided by Therapedic, they are a brand we have been using in-house for years already!

We know the quality and comfort each product boasts because all of our bedrooms have their pillows, toppers, and sheets in them!

That is a true testimony to how great the Therapedic brand is!

I remember going to college and I got whatever we had ‘extra’ of in the house.

If memory serves me right, the only real purchase I made was a dorm fridge.

Times have changed and dorm rooms require both style and comfort.

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Since you are new to college, make sure to download and print this FREE College Check List so you can be totally organized!

The dorm room may seem gloomy, small, and totally ridiculous, but you can transform it with some simple additions of pictures, and lights, and of course your bedding!

Don’t worry, it will all work out!

These simple 3 tips are game-changers and will transition that ordinary, twin-sized mattress to a comfortable loft for sleeping.

Since you have to sleep in a Twin and not your home Queen or King bed, at least make it more comfortable. Are you ready?

The Dorm Room Mattress for your College Dorm Room Bed

Products for dorm room mattress toppers, etc

Chances are the dorm room mattress will either be a Twin or a Twin XL.

IF it is the latter or the 2, you will need to find Twin XL sheets.

First, grab a mattress protector cause Ewwww to a used mattress.

This Twin XL Mattress Protector is waterproof, protects against mites, urine, perspiration and other bodily fluids that rocked that bed (sorry, transparent and truthful)!


You don’t just want any sheets however, you want comfortable sheets that are not going to make you sweat!

Luxury-like hotel sheets, doesn’t that sound so dreamy?

So, grab my favorite luxury-like hotel sheets that won’t break the bank and wash nicely.

The mattress is not going to be your dream come true, it has been used before and will require a few adjustments in order to make it much more comfortable.

Since we are focusing on making your college dorm room bed more comfortable, let’s start with the mattress.

Create Supreme Comfort To Get A Good Nights’ Rest on your College Dorm Room Bed

Really, sleep is the most important thing you can provide yourself every day!

When you are in college, chances are you will lack in sleep quality and quantity.

The Quality of your sleep can be fixed, the quantity is all up to you!

Seek out the Therapedic® Quilted Deluxe 3-Inch Memory Foam Bed Topper.

Why do you need this?

The topper offers pressure-relieving memory foam support and cooling technology, which allows you to sleep soundly.

bunk beds in dorm room

The chintzy mattress in the dorm room is too simple, make it supreme!

Also, the Quilted Deluxe Memory Foam Bed Topper has an anti-skid bottom to keep it in place on the mattress!

Make your mattress the best version it can be, and let it reign supreme in comfort!

This will do the trick!

As for comfort, the topper provides an enhancing dual layered memory foam design.

Further, it is constructed out of cooling gel-infused memory foam and finally, it is paired with a soft, quilted foam installed cover.

Last, the topper has an anti-stain application which adds increased comfort and durability to the topper, who knows what you are going to spill on it!

Your measurements for the topper in a Twin/Twin XL are 38″ W x 75″ L.

Tip 2 – Wrinkle Resistant 450 Thread Count Sheet Set

Sheets, toppers and pillow for dorm room

Also as an alternative to the other sheets I mentioned, seek out the incredible Therapedic® 450-Thread Count Sheet Sets that are 100% cotton.

Lots of colors to choose from.

Better yet, they have both Twin and Twin XL sheet sets which are not the easiest to find!

The TheraFIT┬« technology provides an extra-wide elastic to ensure each fitted sheet hugs mattresses up to 18″ deep.

After all, you don’t want the fitted sheet creeping off the bed corners every time you move around right? It won’t happen!

Just in you have never made a bed before (it is possible), there are directional labels to help you on the fitted sheet!

For those of you that hate when your flat sheet comes untucked, but really don’t want to be too snug, this sheet has a feature you will LOVE!

The Oversized Stay-Tuck flat sheet can be attached to the fitted sheet with buttons at the foot of the bed!

Your top sheet will not detach from the bed, and hit the floor, nor will it be tucked too tight!

It offers a European envelope closure!

Sizes for the Twin/Twin XL sheet set includes: 66″ W x 100″ L flat sheet, a 39″ W x 80″ L fitted sheet, and a 20″ W x 30″ L standard pillowcase!

Need a Dorm Room Foot Locker? How will you keep your personal items locked up? Read this article for which one to select.

Tip 3 – Comfort for your Head & Neck Matter

Sleep is a must and the pillow you want is cool, comfortable and my son’s favorite!

pillow, footlocker and dorm supplies

Don’t just grab any pillow, you need the RIGHT pillow.

In fact, you want a pillow that provides pressure-relieving memory foam.

Take into consideration as well, a pillow that offers cooling technology and that neutralizes odor for fresh sleep. The TruCool Pillow Line offers a plethora of options for every kind of sleeper from the stomach to back!

You will spend a great deal of time in your bed, studying, hanging, and sleeping.

The pillow will take the brunt of the relaxation time, whether you are laying on it, holding it on your lap, or resting your feet on it!

Therefore, neutralizing odor tech is very important!

Have A Great 4 Years

Enjoy your next 4 years, and slumber peacefully each night with your 3 great products that make your dorm room bed much more comfortable.

Order online, create a registry for those relatives that want to give you stuff, and shop in-store too.

Do not wait until the last minute, get organized, and start the year off in comfort!

Comfortable luxury is only a few clicks away!

What are you waiting for!

Order these items to make your college dorm bed more comfortable. ~ Dana XO