PERSONALIZED FAVORS FOR A SWEET 16 ~ Planning A Sweet 16, The Series

Planning a party with personalized favors is easy when you work with Favor Warehouse. Frugal favor shopping was about to commence as we planned my daughter’s Sweet 16 Birthday Party.  We wanted to keep it within a budget, and personalized, which is possible.  As I keep on telling you my little girl is turning 16, and I know that each year as she ages, I get younger and that is a Mommy Fact!  I can hardly believe that she is old enough to drive, and the drive is not just ‘driving’ me nuts, it is literally driving!  I want to make her birthday really special and along the way I wanted to share with each of you some great ways to enhance the Sweet 16 Birthday.  I will tell you it is no small feat looking for things just for the Sweet 16 party because there are not an abundance of items out there!  It has been really hard to find the right items to give as favors, the types of items that makes sense to give to her girlfriends for gifts and those that fit the budget!  This is age is tough as I wonder what they will like, or won’t like, or even really want to use.  I have been looking for things that make sense to give, that will be personal and that will allow everyone sharing in her special day to take something away that has a keepsake note on it.favor warehouse frugal

When Christmas time gift exchange occurred with my daughter and her friends, they were all into the small votive candles.  My daughter was purchasing votives and dressing them up with gingham bows and special tissue and she received quite a few herself.  I was amazed that candle burning and scented candles had already ‘crazed’ the girls at this younger age, but they are all into the candles.  When I sat here dreaming up what to give the girls as a creative  party favor, it all just fell together when I began working with Favor Warehouse, as they have Personalized Expression Votive Candle Favors that are absolutely perfect to give to her guests!

What I wanted to create for my daughter was a simple take away gift for her friends that came to celebrate in her day.  This age is a bit challenging as what might have been cool back in the day, like fairies, and princesses is so not cool now! I have been greatly concerned about not creating a party that was childish, yet celebrating her life and what I came up with is as simple as a votive, housed in a wonderful clear boxed container with a satin bow and a customized label! I know that by the time I would have purchased all the supplies: candles, boxes, ribbon, and labels, as well as printer ink, I would have been well about the $1.29 a candle.

Each personalized votive showcases the occasion, but you get to personalize the color, the font, the decor, as you design the candle yourself.  If designing is to much stress, you can choose from a pre-design.  I actually opted to design the personalized label because I wanted to see how easy or hard it was, and it literally took me 5 minutes to create the perfect design with hues of purple and gingham!  You simply pick the following:  background color, border color, pattern, pattern color, the design and the text and that’s it!  What I have designed fits my daughter’s style and personality and it is a very ‘girly’ kind of gift!  The personalized votives are 2″x2″ and each has a frosted glass holder which contains a poured white votive on the inside.  The votives I chose made it even easier to just take with us an give at the party as they are all pre-packaged in a clear acetate box, and wrapped up with a tied white satin bow! Out the door, easy.  The label will need to be affixed  to the votive when it arrives! The cost us unbeatable because I saved time, and money and most certainly printer ink!

If you have a party of any kind, Favor Warehouse has something for every affair at great, realistic prices.  Make sure to check them out for your frugal, favor shopping!