Beginner’s  Cinnamon Bread

SERIES: In The Kitchen With Dana 

So, I hear you want to bake bread! Making bread is easy  and this recipe for Beginner's Cinnamon Bread will amaze both you and anyone you treat to a piece!


Simple Recipe Irresistible Taste! 

5 Fast Rules For Beginner's Cinnamon Bread

01 Use fresh ingredients - especially yeast

02 Use the right flour - Bread Flour

03 never let the yeast touch the salt

05 Bread machine does the work for you

04 make a 'well' in the flour to insert the yeast

Yeast Package
Flour Bag
Flour Bowl


*Milk                    *Butter *Egg                      *Sugar *Cinnamon       *Salt *Flour                 *Yeast

Add Ingredients Dry/Wet Per Your Bread Maker's  Instructions 

Make a 'Well' In the  Middle of the Flour BEFORE adding the   Yeast. Put YEAST in the well. 


~  Sweet Bread

Program Bread Maker

~  2 Pound Loaf

Once cooled, add icing with a combination of  Confectioner's Sugar & Water. 



Bread bun

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