The holidays will be here before you know it. Did I just really start talking about this upcoming December? Yes I did!  It is always helpful to get a head start on what you are going to buy before the season comes rolling in and suddenly you are unprepared.  We love books in our home and each year we celebrate the holiday with one new book.  True, my youngest can read, but we still love the great books that can celebrate the season and a side of delight.  This year I have already read the book that will soon be called a classic in our home.  The book we read for the holiday offers a little zest, a ton of humor and a fun look at Jolly St. Nick in a bit of a panic.  Lavishly live the holidays out loud and make sure to check out:  Santa’s (Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right!) Night Before Christmas,  author DK Simoneau has teamed with David Radman.

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My son and I grabbed the book and decided to read it aloud.  I figured that he would be a pretty good judge of the book without me saying much. If it commanded his attention within the first few pages then it was a keeper.  He was reading the book to me, laughing and saying, “imagine that mom!”  There is humor and the other side of Santa, humanizing him just a bit, which is what makes the book relatable and interesting.  To know that Santa has a very real side that can make a mistake as well and what the result would be. However, don’t be mistaken, you have to read the book through to really learn what happened to Santa’s suit!

Just know that St. Nick is going to do the laundry and from there, you will understand that there is no way anything could go quite right, because poor Mrs. Claus is sick and I think she will be sicker when she learns what her husband has done! The book leads one to start wondering how one tiny thing like the event in the book happens could really change the fate of a big holiday.  Spark the imagination of your family and children and read this great book, before the Night before Christmas.  The book also makes the insanity that happens in your own home, feel a little bit more grounded as you see it is not just your house that has chaos before the big day, rather it happens all around you!

Lavishly live Christmas out loud with your family when you enjoy this book, reading to the kids, or your grand kids and looking at how one small change could set off epic events.  The holidays are wacky and this book fits right in! Bring on Christmas!