Simple SidelightWindow DIY for  pets + privacy!


Do You Have Pets?

Pets Don't Like Sidelight Windows to be Covered.

Meet Bella

Here is what Bella  did to our  sidelight window sheers


There's a chipmunk, a rabbit, a squirrel, & Bella wants to see them!

Gain Privacy

Control Sunlight

Simple Sidelight  Window DIY

Easily let pets see outside With NO damage to your  sidelight window treatments

Goodbye Sheers.  Hello  Plantation  Shutters!


We can open the  plantation shutters.  Bella Can See Outside We Can Close the Shutters for  PRIVACY!

Fast.  Easy.  DIY.  Privacy Pet Happiness

Installed in just a few hours.  Simple Solution For Pets & Privacy

Your Pets will love the  chance to see  outside. 

The Result

Accessible Usable  Sidelight Windows with the perfect balance of light & privacy!

Voilá !

DIY with Dana