Tips on Keeping That House Air Clean

CATS, DOGS, CLEANING A few weeks ago, when I cracked the windows open to greet the fresh, brisk air, my full intent was to blow the germs that have been manifesting in the air our of our home.

I love spring, fresh air, and the thought that I am whisking away germs, but in reality that is not what happens when you open the windows(I can pretend though).

Fresh air is a welcome scent to any set of nostrils and getting that ‘hometopia’ out of the house as my mom calls it is wonderful.

What you may not realize is that opening up the windows only makes way for pollen to enter the home and dirt!

It is kind of a vicious circle, we open up the house to feel cleaner.

In reality, pollen, dirt, debris, and any dust in the house kind of just really get stirred up.

My whole family has severe allergies that range from asthma, to environmental, so I am always working on keeping that house air clean!

There are effective ways to conquer germs, dust, and pollen.

It would seem that both indoor and outdoor air are filled with harmful allergens but a few tips and tricks can help keep your home safe from all of this!

Here are a few tips on keeping that house air clean.

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dustingLet’s take a peek at how to get that dust, dander, and pollen under control in your home and then how to purify the air.

Keep Dust Under Control helps to keep house air clean

Clean tables, shelves, lampshades, and electronics with a damp cloth to ensure dust doesn’t float into the air.

Avoid throw rugs when possible; uncluttered and bare floors are best.

Don’t use those dry dusting rags, or poms as they just shove the dust and debris all over, and they don’t help, they just spread the dust and particles.

Learn to ♥♥ Love your vacuum

VACUUMVacuum carpets, wood floors, and tile at least two times per week.

It is helpful to have a canister that you can empty as you go and see the results.

Get a good vacuum so that you will have it for many years and it will REALLY clean!

Clean the air you breathe

Use an air purifier with a True HEPA filter in common areas of the home and in the bedroom.

We have been using air purifiers and seeing great results.

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Prevent pet dander

pet dander with catsWhile most doctors suggest that people allergic to animal dander avoid household pets with feathers or fur.

However, if you’re an animal lover, keep the animal out of the bedroom.

Then, don’t forget to brush the animal’s coat, and follow with a lint brush which will whisk away all those detached hairs and not harm the pet.

Keep pollen outside

You can reduce the number of outdoor allergens such as pollen and mold from entering the home.

All you have to do is keep the windows and doors closed and setting the air conditioner on re-circulate.

Make sure to scrub your screens and door tracks.

Keeping your air clean has never been easier.

Keep the dust, dander, and pollen under control and then once you are cleaned up, try out any air purifier of our choice.

No matter the season, there’s always a reason to keep your house air clean. ~ Dana XO