Awesome Steakhouse Near El Paso

Welcome to Texas, where those famed words reign true from food to fun: ‘Everything is Bigger In Texas!’

I discovered a steakhouse and ranch experience near El Paso where the food is big and the destination is bigger!

Awesome steakhouse near El Paso Grilling and scenery Cattlemans Ranch

My trip was hosted by Visit El Paso, images and story are my own based on my personal experience!

Destination-Worthy Visit: Awesome Steakhouse Near El Paso Texas

Did I mention that the awesome steakhouse near El Paso is located amidst its own 32,000-acre working ranch?

Perhaps that what makes this awesome steakhouse even more alluring to visit.

Amazing Steakhouse Near El Paso. steak cooked and uncooked, ranch photoRoam amidst the working ranch, snap photos of a scenic backdrop and enjoy the good old outdoors!

Plus, once dinner arrives at your table, you’ll be dining on portions so big your belly won’t need to be filled for days!

Come hungry, leave with a food baby, lol!

What is the name of this Awesome Steakhouse Near El Paso?

Front Door of Cattleman's Steakhouse : awesome steakhouse near El PasoCan you guess from the sign where we were? If you said Cattleman’s Steakhouse you would be correct.

More properly called Cattleman’s Steakhouse At Indian Cliffs Ranch

As a culinary and travel destination expert I am always seeking the best of the best in every city I travel to.

Getting here from El Paso is a simple 30-minute drive!

Bring the kids, gramma, grampa, friends, dates, whatever kind of group rocks your world and navigate to the ‘desert’ for an awesome steakhouse near El Paso experience you will remember BIG forever.

A Few Things I Loved!

Scenery from Patio Dining Area Awesome steakhouse near El PasoThere are always takeaways when you dine somewhere new, and if you just want to skip to the good stuff, I’ll do it for you!

But if you want the real meat and potatoes, read more, you’ll get some insight before you go!

Come here to enjoy the food, but savor the ambiance.

The restaurant seats nearly 600 so it’s big, but the property that Indian Cliff ranch sits on is bigger.

As far as the eye can see and beyond will thrill and excite!

Get ready for a cowboy-style chophouse on a working ranch in the Texas desert serving up big steaks, BBQ & seafood.

Steak on grill of awesome steakhouse near El PasoHere’s what I love about this awesome steakhouse near El Paso:

  • beans are served in a bucket
  • 2 pounds is the smallest steak (just kidding)
  • many famed westerns have been filmed on-site!
  • outdoor arches provide the most amazing background for photos!
  • A walking tour of the working ranch before dinner is a good way to work off calories about to be consumed!
  • you don’t need to love meat to eat here, other entrees are amazing!
  • it’s a chance to wear those western boots you’ve been dying to bust out!

When You Want A True Southwestern Foodie Experience…

Whether its the size of the portion of the taste of the food this is a true foodie experience.

Awesome Steakhouse Near El Paso Requirement: Bring Your Appetite

Now the amazing steakhouse and ranch experience at Cattleman’s Steakhouse and Indian Cliffs Ranch provides a great Southwestern restaurant dining experience.

Imagine this: a ranch, animals, strolling areas, scenery, and of course lip-smacking meals!

I definitely got dressed for the occasion, after all, how many times am I going to visit a real working ranch and a steakhouse? Yeah, not many!

Dana Vento in Cowboy Hat ready for awesome steakhouse near El Paso

Behind the Scenes In the Kitchen: Awesome Steakhouse near El Paso

Food is my passion and I was super excited to gain special permission to head into the kitchen and video this little snippet of how the food is prepared.

The kitchen has some serious grilling going on and the size of the meat is Ginormous!

 Cattleman's Steakhouse Kabobs on Grill in Kitchen - Awesome steakhouse near El Paso

It’s All Bigger In Texas at least at this Awesome Steakhouse near El Paso!

From burgers to seafood, Cattleman’s Steakhouse has something for everyone.

Take a look at how incredible the food looks even while it is cooking!

Sizzle, snap and grill me some more, this is the place to be!

Do you see the size of the steaks?

Truly Cowboy and Cowgirl hunger-worthy!

I say after wrangling a day of sightseeing in El Paso head here to rustle up some grub!

Cattleman's Steakhouse Steaks on Grill: Awesome Steakhouse near El Paso

Vegetarian and Carnivores You Can Eat at the Awesome Steakhouse near El Paso Too!

It is possible to eat here even if you are a vegetarian or if you just eat seafood or just chicken.

Let me just say the menu is as big as the experience!

Plus order a drink, relax, kick up those boots and stay a while, there’s plenty to see!

Steak and Potato on plates at Cattleman's Steakhouse

I am a vegetarian who will occasionally eat seafood and I was well accommodated.

However, if you are a carnivore, you have hit the treasure chest of steaks from petite and lady-like to the gut-busting large 2 pound Cowboy steak!

Family style at this Amazing Steakhouse Near El Paso

Your table will get family-style served bread, beans in a bucket, and pineapple coleslaw (addictive).

And if you are totally into big baked potatoes, you have arrived to monster baked potato central!

The butter and sour cream also come in large plates for those big baked spuds you can order as a side!

Look at the platter of sour cream and butter, it’s as amazing as the portions truly!

Kielbasa slices and steak hunks on plate for appetizer at Cattleman's Steakhouse

To have a little sample of the pre-meat sweats (LOL) grab this platter of grilled meat and pass it around.

It’s fire-grilled Kielbasa and beef! A whole lot of lip-smacking went down at our table and the plate disappeared!

After all, we walked the ranch and were starving!

The Seafood Side Of Things

I am a seafood gal and look at this platter one of my colleagues ordered.

That Lobster is huge and the steak is nothing to snicker at either.

Shrimp Platter Area Awesome steakhouse near El Paso

Truly large portions that will make your eyeballs bulge and your belly happy!

Tempura Shrimp

As I was not sure what to order, I asked my server for suggestions.

There are 2 shrimp main dishes on the menu and she told me that the Tempura Shrimp was her favorite.

It was light and airy and just all that!

Tempura ShrimpNaturally, I took her suggestions under advisement and ordered the platter.

These are huge and ten appear to be 20 right? Hello to these puffy lumps of air heaven.

Sweet and tasty, large and lightly fried, and shrimp that juiced in your mouth!

The tangy sauce was a perfect dipping companion to the shrimp.

La Margarita: Sip. Sip. Hooray!

MargaritaWhat would a meal be without a Margarita? I mean they are my favorite libation and ‘Yes I got one!”

The only thing better than the margarita was the scenery behind the margarita.

So picturesque is the landscape and so delicious is the drink, it is truly a pairing made in Texas heaven!

Things To Know For Your Visit to the Amazing Steakhouse Near El Paso

  • Sunset at Cattleman's SteakhouseThe back patio offers a perfect backdrop for photos and the sunset. Get on the patio while the sun is setting.
  • Snap a few hundred photos because sunsets like this are what dreams and vacations are made of.
  • You are on a ranch, in the desert and the coyotes are meandering around.
  • Many movies have been filmed in this idealistic setting.
  • Maybe this is the wild west or maybe this is the storybook setting you have been waiting to see your whole life.
  • Go in the evening to capture the sunset.
  • I know one thing, after all the cruising I have done and traveling I have never seen a more picturesque sunset in the USA!

What Should You Wear?

Walking the Cattlemans Ranch PropertyIf you are comfortable in it, wear it, just know the following things!

Dress casual and comfortable and if you are walking the ranche, well, comfy shoes!

In the event that you venture through the outside, you will note that some areas are more dirt and sand than actual pathways.

It is important to realize white is not right because dirt will be its enemy!

Outdoors + Walking

Outside you will be able to gaze at peacocks, and donkeys, and horses.

There are rabbits and other animals as well. You could walk your dinner off after you have eaten cause I’m sure you will have a food baby after this meal!

Walking lets you see things up close and personal and get more great photos! Yee-haw!

Walking the Property to see the animals at Cattleman's Steakhouse

Wagons are scattered throughout the property, stop and snap a few photos. I counted at least 10 but I am sure there are more.

There’s A Lot To See Which Makes it an Amazing Steakhouse Near El Paso

wagons at awesome steakhouse near El PasoEqually important are the items you can see in the distance, I will say I loved the Pueblos and I captured my photo from the back patio of the restaurant.

The sun was setting, the ground was ripe for photos and the reflective properties of the sunset made this photo amazing!

amazing steakhouse near El Paso with Pueblos and wagon

Walk Around The Inside Of the Steakhouse Too!

Make sure to walk through the restaurant to see all of the nuances and crannies of western gear.

awesome steakhouse near El Paso inside and outside

Mosey by the kitchen to see the meat offerings it will make you even more hungry!

What Are You Waiting For?

I think the only question is “Would you like a steak with that?

So before you buy one of these fancy TEXAS belt buckles eat here because then you won’t need it!!~ Dana XO